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  2. Creating A Personal Finance Spreadsheet — October 20, 2017
  3. Household Saving Tips – Personal Finance Help — October 20, 2017
  4. Steps to Owning Bank Foreclosure Properties — October 19, 2017
  5. Small Business Bank – How Specialized Banking Works for You — October 19, 2017

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Oct 21

Personal Finance Tips Anyone Can Use

Is a feeling of financial powerlessness driving you crazy? Many people feel this way, but your finances do not have to be frustrating, as long as you are open minded. This article will give you some suggestions on how to manage your finances. Take the time to mull over your feelings towards money. You are …

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Oct 20

Creating A Personal Finance Spreadsheet

One of the biggest challenges we face as adults is balancing a budget. Creating a personal finance spreadsheet can be one of the most valuable steps you can take to tackling this challenge head on. Even if you start with a simple format and a few details you can be well on your way to …

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Oct 20

Household Saving Tips – Personal Finance Help

Got Gas? – Part 3 Think of all the elements in your house that use Natural Gas to run. My folks have a gas stove, fireplace, furnace, hot water heater and a clothes dryer. I think they are need personal finance help if they want to reduce those costs. When they discover their budget one …

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Oct 19

Steps to Owning Bank Foreclosure Properties

Owning bank foreclosure properties is a simple process which anyone can undertake without the help of agents or brokers. There are real deals to be made in buying one of these distressed properties as long as the buyer approaches the entire affair with diligence and caution. The process for buying bank foreclosure properties begins with …

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Oct 19

Small Business Bank – How Specialized Banking Works for You

If you’re opening a small business, you need a small business bank, pure and simple. Using your regular bank won’t net you the benefits that a specialized banking account can come with. No matter who you choose as a host for your banking needs, you always need to open a new account for a business. …

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Oct 18

The Lowdown on the Toys R Us Credit Card

Designed for users equipped with a good credit rating, the Toys R Us Visa Platinum Card offers cardholders great rebates. With a 4% rebate for Toys R Us and Babies “R” Us store purchases plus no annual fee, this card is ideal for parents intending to enjoy great savings, while still getting that toy which …

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Oct 16

Personal Finance Made Simple. The Best Tips And Tricks!

Make sure to keep an eye on your credit reports. Each credit reporting agency offers a free report to all consumers once, yearly. Get all three of them and review them very carefully to make sure they are accurate. It is important to get all three, since they may have differing information. A great personal …

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Oct 13

Fundamentals Of Personal Finance And Budgeting

If you are tired of having no money, even just after you have just been paid, then it might be time for you to introduce a budget into your lifestyle. There is software that you can make use of to help you implicate this, but you will have to do some research and decide what …

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Oct 11

Frankenfoods Vs. Heirloom Seeds Which Are Best For Your Seed Bank

Would you put counterfeit money in your piggy bank? Would your local bank deposit a check endorsed by Mickey Mouse, or accept a cash deposit made in monopoly money? Sure, theres an argument to be made that the Federal Reserve Note is an intrinsically bogus currency to begin with, but leaving that aside, the principle …

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Oct 07

Elan Credit Card…Mystery Solved

While completing the research for this article, admittedly I was becoming a bit frustrated. What is it with these companies that have credit cards offers that no one could seem to access online? Seriously, what is the point? If I am interested in your organizations’ credit card, I would expect to go online and search …

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