Aug 31

Current Affair Knowledge in IAS and Bank Exams

Bank exams and IAS exams are two exams which witness the maximum number of candidates. They are highly competitive in nature due to the inclusion of current affair questions and answers in their exam. Current affairs are the backbone in both these exams, where a candidate can not clear if he/she does not have a sound knowledge of the current happenings taking place around him/her. Once has to work very hard to clear these tough exams, however, once they are cleared a secure future is set for you. Their popularity amongst the masses lie in their open invitations to candidates from all academic fields, and the power these jobs tag along with them. Moreover, working in a government field has its own advantages. Therefore, there is no reason for them not be popular and it is for the same reason that they are the top most career choices for many youths of India, today. Getting a job in a bank or becoming an IAS officer sounds exciting and challenging, however reaching this position is not an easy task at all. The candidates who are finally selected by them are not average candidates but highly meritorious candidates who have proved themselves. Both, the IAS exams and the bank exams require months of thorough preparation with a strong concentration on the entire syllabus. However, while the bank recruitment precedes one exam and an interview; the IAS recruitment requires clearing the IAS prelims, IAS mains and then the interview round. All the stages are equally important and their scores are added in the final results. One thing that is common in bank exams and IAS exams is a major portion of the question paper being dedicated to the current affairs. Question and answers in the written exam and even the interview, consists of current affairs. Hence, it is highly recommended to apply for these exams only if you have a sound knowledge of the current affairs taking place around you. Lack of this knowledge can never lead to your success in these respective fields. Both the IAS exams and bank exams demand a thorough preparation and a high level of current affair knowledge. Candidates, who lack in this area, must start preparing now and work towards a better performance in the exams.

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