Oct 11

Frankenfoods Vs. Heirloom Seeds Which Are Best For Your Seed Bank

Would you put counterfeit money in your piggy bank? Would your local bank deposit a check endorsed by Mickey Mouse, or accept a cash deposit made in monopoly money? Sure, theres an argument to be made that the Federal Reserve Note is an intrinsically bogus currency to begin with, but leaving that aside, the principle remains: Why should we store up something of dubious value, rather than something innately worthwhile?

Now apply that principle to the vegetables and fruit you buy, and the produce you grow.

Whats on your table? Are these genetically modified counterfeit vegetables? Are the seeds youre putting in your seed bank likewise debased? If youre interested in joining the ranks of people who grow their own food, a good place to start is to build a large seed bank especially heirloom bulk seeds.

What are heirloom bulk seeds, and why should you choose them over other kinds when assembling a seed bank? Simply put, heirloom bulk seeds are varieties that have been preserved in their purity for many years sometimes for centuries. They are strains that come from a time before herbicides and pesticides, before Big Agriculture turned food from a delicious source of sustenance into a profitable corporate commodity. They yield produce that retains the full nutritional potency we need, and the taste at least some of us can dimly remember from our childhood.

Just as importantly, bulk seeds of the heirloom type avoid the potential pitfalls found in hybrid and GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) seeds, which are widely in use today. Too many people who choose to buy plant seeds are making the poorest possible choices for their seed banks.

Hybrids seeds include genes from two or more separate varieties that are spliced together. Some GMO bulk seeds have been modified to include traits from other non-plant species.

Furthermore, non-hybrid, non-GMO organic bulk seeds can be recovered and re-planted. The chief advantage here is the ability to preserve a pure strain and to enhance the self-sufficiency of the farmer and consumer. This means that your garden itself will be a major part of your seed bank.

Once again, the chief advantage of organic, non-GMO bulk seeds is difficult to verify scientifically: The food they produce actually tastes like food,
With times growing leaner and household grocery bills getting heavier, people are increasingly looking to grow more of their own food. Bulk seeds make an excellent choice for anyone looking to build a survival seed bank, or for people seeking to achieve self-sufficiency.


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