Sep 24

Investment Planning – Why Kitchen Table Investing Makes Sense

Whatever your current situation, financial concerns have an impact on your life and relationships. That’s why smart investment planning will help you make the most of what you have now and help you have the financial peace you need for an enjoyable future. The opportunities are always there for any person who can save and invest. When it comes about managing, planning and investing your money this has always being a daunting experience for many, involving a complex maze of financial jargon, and an alphabet bouillabaisse of investment terms and colorful statistical pie charts which sometimes confuse more than inform. Sharing ideas about investment and what sensible investment strategies to pursue at the kitchen table can be a good start.

Technological Possibilities

With the technological revolution presented by Internet possibilities, there are virtual kitchen tables to help with the process of developing your personal financial plan and reaching your goals. Kitchen table planning can be quite necessary to help you with a personal spending and investing plan, which you can optimize to holistic financial planning with the right planning experts. Also, with the right planners you can begin the process of optimizing not only your investment strategy, but all pieces of your financial life; how much you earn, spend, save and invest. So kitchen table planning is a good to start you on addressing concerns related to your hard earned income. A sensible approach for all categories of individuals, including high-net-worth individuals as well as the millions of average investors-from new wage earners to single moms and dads to middle-age workers anticipating retirement-looking for easy-to-execute, money-making investment strategies.

Path to Financial Success

Kitchen table investment planning is a conventional process that combines financial planning with life planning. It lets you evaluate your current status and decide where you want to go. It helps highlight what matters most and which areas, if any, require immediate professional assistance. It’s a customized personal interaction process that shows what’s important to you-which issues you want to address and which ones you don’t. And it can be an ongoing process that’s easy to update and refine as your goals and objectives change. It is a path to financial success in areas of finding that extra cash each month to save and invest; taking advantage of dividend reinvestment and direct purchase plans; maximizing 401Ks, IRAs, and other retirement plans; and committing to a strategy and let the money do all the work.


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