Oct 18

The Lowdown on the Toys R Us Credit Card

Designed for users equipped with a good credit rating, the Toys R Us Visa Platinum Card offers cardholders great rebates. With a 4% rebate for Toys R Us and Babies “R” Us store purchases plus no annual fee, this card is ideal for parents intending to enjoy great savings, while still getting that toy which their children have been asking for.

Purchases made with the Toys R Us Visa Platinum Card at www.toysrus.com, www.babiesrus.com or anywhere Visa credit cards are accepted receive a 1% rebate for each transaction. When the rebate values reach $10, the cardholder will then be sent certificates that can be used to redeem for products at Toys “R” Us and Babies “R” Us stores, as well as through their websites. The certificates will expire after one year but the amount of rebates that can be earned is limitless.

Now we get to the dirt. For a Platinum card, the Toys R Us Credit Card doesnt provide any exclusive perks on top of the usual benefits which are also by other cards. The APR is also relatively higher for less qualifying applicants, with the 0% APR intro period dependent on your credit history. The real stinker is the way finance charges are determined, which is the “Two Cycles Average Daily Balance” method which results in higher interest payable than the usual Average Daily Balance configuration.

Nevertheless, this should not be a hindrance to you if you have good payment habits, a great credit score and continue to be financially responsible. With this, the interest tabulation will have minimal effects on your costs of using the Toys R Us Credit Card. Otherwise, it may be better for you to get alternate cards which utilize a better way of tabulating interests.

Overall, the Toys R Us Credit Card would be suitable for you if you plan to make a lot of purchases at Toys “R” Us and Babies “R” Us stores in addition to taking advantage of that 4% rebate. Otherwise there may be better Platinum Cards out there for you.


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