Apr 26

Why Credit Card cancel by people

In today’s century the virtual credit card is the important part of the every ones life but some of the peoples are fear to use the credit card due to fraud. Online payment & transaction are very useful for the peoples who are using freelancer or blogger as their life is depend on them. But the Virtual Credit Card is the safe instead of traditional credit card. Here are the two thing that everyone has to know before you cancel the Virtual Credit Card. 1. Reason to cancel the Card, Downgrading might be option. According to me if you are canceling the credit card because annual fee’s you are paying. If that’s the problem then you can go to the lower tier. Charge Cards: There are Green, Gold, Premier & Platinum cards. You have to choose the tier from these cards. For Examples if you want to go to Platinum to Premier that have annual fees 250$ or Platinum to green that has annual fees 300 $. There are no tier or cards that has 0$ annual fees. So if you want to go to 0$ annual fees then the cancelling is the best option for you. Blue Cards: If you have the blue card which has the annual fees 100$ then you can go to lower tier to blue cash everyday which has 0$ annual fees. Delta Card: If you have the Delta card then there are two types of the card: Delta Platinum & Delta Reserve. But all are annual fees card. So you can change the card internally but have to pay annual fees. So finally you can change the tier in the group and if you not then the cancelling is the best option.

2. Sometimes peoples are incentivized to keep the Virtual Credit Card. There is good reason that why you cant cancel your card online. Because they would like to speak with you first to see if you might change your mind for cancellation. On occasion the bank offer or incentives to costumer to keep the credit card. It is due to point bonus. But the customer keep in mind that every one not will get he offer or incentive when the call for the cancel. Its like you have to be a good customer. If you think that you call every year for incentives then you are dealing with the wrong credit card company.

So the canceling of the Credit card is the best way for the user or the customer.

We are service provider for the Virtual Credit Card and Facebook VCC. It Gives user to easy access to their funds. They are used in normal online transaction. In short VCC have many advantages for the online fund transfer.


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